Welcome to Emporella

It’s with great joy to write our first blog for our prospective readers, a big hello, we are Claire Amelia & Kirsty Elea and we bring you Emporella, a BRAND NEW wedding platform that’s going to showcase you awesomeness and the very best of the wedding world.

plan - shop - wed.png

Emporella’s first step is to launch as a WordPress blog this May 2019, where we are going to bring you many blog articles all about weddings. From talking about how to choose the right attire for your big day, seasonal flowers, to DIY weddings compared to having a wedding planner and much more. There is SO much we will be discussing on weddings, we have many ideas to talk about but we would also LOVE to hear from you, would you like us to talk about a particular element in the wedding world?

Now our blog is up and running, make sure you follow our social media platforms, facebook, twitter, pinterest and instagram as we will be showcasing lots of beautiful imagery to you, there may even be some funny quotations… 😉

Image Credit: Digital Media Society


Behind the scenes, we’re working hard on developing our brand new website that will launch this Autumn 2019, where we will transfer our blog over too so don’t worry you can still read your fave articles that we have written! But some new bits and bobs will be on the website which is EXCITING!


We’ll have an online marketplace, where you can buy many things for your big day. From dresses, accessories, stationery, props, cheeky honeymoon attire and much more. For this we need you! We need lots and lots of fabulous suppliers who would like to sell their products online, if you would like to be put onto our mailing list email hello@emporella.com and when we’re ready for the designers to make their shop sections on our website we will drop you a line.

Want to find out what’s happening in your local area? We’ll have an up to to date wedding fair calendar for each region in the UK. The perfect event place to check out with your wedding gang and make those trips to plan a memorable wedding.

A wedding wouldn’t be a wedding without the 1000’s of suppliers we have to choose from, so Emporella will be bringing you an extensive suppliers directory. Where you can choose your region then the supplier category you seek! How cool is that, we do all the hard work for you, simples!

Last but not least our wedding planner, now this is our top secret bit of Emporellas website so that’s all we are telling you! hehe want to hear more? Well, it’s going to be THE BEST THING when you are planning your wedding, it’ll be your wedding best friend 😉 so hey just sit tight and you wait for us to get your bezzie ready!

We’re just putting this cat in here cos you know er Kirsty and I are cat obsessed! So I thought we better ease the cats in.. (Image Credit: Fully Feline)

For now, a big warm welcome to Emporella and thank you for checking in! We hope you enjoy our journey creating this new and exciting wedding brand for you and we ask you to come back this Wednesday as our new blog post is all about who we are! So if you’re noisy like me, then see you on Wednesday!

Much love,

Claire Amelia x


ps. drop us a line below and introduce yourself!

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